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POTC - We kiss now

Icon Post!!

Posted by liquidmirror on 2006.11.17 at 17:27
Captain Jack Sparrow Icons!

1) Comments are luv
2) Credit iconsumation!
3) No hotlinking, savvy?

Sparrow under hereCollapse )

Me - mirror
Posted by liquidmirror on 2006.06.30 at 14:20
So, I went on an icon making spree for my rp journal, tristan_thorn.

If you want to use them, go ahead, but these are here mostly as a showcase. If anyone has any requests, let me know. ^__^

Rules (as always):
1) Comments are luv!
2) Credit iconsumation please!
3) No hotlinking.

And here we go:

1) 2)

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Lab - goblin queen

After so long...

Posted by liquidmirror on 2006.06.12 at 01:18
Current Location: In the House of Icons
There are Icons again. YAAAAAY!

There are 8 icons this time. I'm not entirely happy with all of them, but I do really like quite a few. All are Labyrinth, and they come with this nifty banner!

Yes, that's right, this is a series, that's why all the icons have similar crops/brushes, and the same font. It's the closest thing I have to what Sarah's handwriting might look like.

1)Comment, please!
2)Credit to iconsumation, please
3) No hotlinking/stealing/changing*

*Changing/personalization can be done with my permission.

Here we go:Collapse )

be my savior

first request complete!!!

Posted by yaoibanshee on 2006.03.20 at 20:02
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whee!! i have here the request from cute_death. one sexy ansem icon, as promised! ^__^

hope you like it! if not, just comment and let me know what you'd like me to change. and remember, credit to the community is muchly appreciated.

edit: okay, added more swirlies.

any better? if not, again, just let me know. *love!!*

BSG - don't frak

New Icons...

Posted by liquidmirror on 2006.03.01 at 00:27
Seven new BSG icons.


All SevenCollapse )

NU - smile

The Request Post...

Posted by liquidmirror on 2006.02.28 at 23:55
If you have a request, post it in a reply on this post, please!

Please tell us whom you'd like to make the icon if you have a preference. If you have a specific pic you'd like us to use, please include a link to it.

Pelase make sure that you describe what you'd like as best you can. The more detail you provide, the more likely we are to give you something you want.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Bring on the requests!

darkness - touketsu_omoide

clover icons

Posted by yaoibanshee on 2006.01.23 at 00:15
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well, my very first batch of icons. ^__^ nothing too amazing - same images, just with different brushes. hope you enjoy, though! ^__^


follow the bouncing cutCollapse )

well, that's about it.

please comment if taking, and remember: credit is always nice, either to yaoibanshee or iconsumation. oh, and feel free to add text to any of these, just don't claim them as your own, k? thanks! ^__^

Stargate - Vala Teal'c Happy Dance
Posted by nakki on 2006.01.22 at 20:51
Current Mood: amusedamused
Here's a icon for iconsumation. Nothing, special, just lil' piggy sex :D